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Azerbaijan, the land of fire, the pearl of Caucasus is located in the Caucuses region. It is an ex Soviet Muslim country. This country is a real blend of east and west, all thanks to its interesting location. It is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. If you want to experience modernity with rich culture that too in a budget, Azerbaijan is the country to visit. Lets see the location of Azerbaijan on the world map:

Azerbaijan on world map

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan combines both tradition and modernity. Azerbaijan shares land borders with Turkey, Russia, Iran, Armenia and Georgia.

Top places to visit in Azerbaijan:

  • Icheri Seher is the walled City of Baku. Also, a UNESCO World Heritage site which should be a must visit place.
  • Maiden Tower-One of the oldest buildings in Baku where the views are amazing from top.
View at Maiden Tower in Down Town of Baku, Azerbaijan
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  • Heyder Aliyev Centre-An arts museum and conference center designed by Zaha Hadid.
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  • Yanar Dag- Meaning Burning Mountain where you can still see natural gas fire in action.
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  • Baku Seaside Park and Boulevard-Beautiful walk along the waterfront.
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  • Flame Towers-Inspired by the ancient practice of fire worship, the 3 glass skyscrapers are the tallest structure of Baku.
  • Ateshgah Fire Temple-An ancient holy place for fire worshipers. Was initially famous due to the natural phenomenon of leaking of natural gas. Now open for tourists attracting them with artificial fires.
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  • Carpet Museum-The museum showcases rich collection of artifacts and carpets and also operates as a place of extensive research of traditional carpet weaving art.
  • Bibiheybat Mosque-Major monument of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan.
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  • Gobustan National Park-UNESCO World Heritage site known for its petroglyphs or rock carvings.
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  • Mud Volcanoes-An interesting phenomenon where there is no lava involved, just eruption of mud from deep within the earth’s surface.
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The list in Azerbaijan is endless. This modern country with the warmest of people is definitely a place to visit if you are looking for something new. Please leave a comment on how you liked this blog!

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