What to do and why to stay at Bhimtal?

Vacay, Oh vacay! Where had you been? This time my itchy feet took me to Bhimtal, a small town close to Nainital (a major hill station nearby which is about 22 kms from Bhimtal). Bhimtal is slowly emerging as a new weekend getaway destination due to less crowds and undisturbed abundance of nature.

Bhimtal was on my list for a long time for the following reasons:

1)Less crowded as compared to Nainital. You can go on a day trip to Nainital and head back to Bhimtal by evening if you wish to explore more.

Bhimtal, awesome place

2) Hotels are better in price, location and views. You will easily find a hotel overlooking the Bhimtal lake, with comparatively better price, so why not take an advantage!

3) Bhimtal has many small cafes which is one of the many reasons to come here. Petite cafes with interesting decor, great food, coffee makes you content.

best cafes at bhimtal

4) Boating is pure bliss for the soul. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating amidst the pristine blue waters. You would surely like it.

best boating experience at bhimtal

5) Adventure seekers can head to Naukuchiatal for para gliding. Naukuchiatal is just 4 kms from Bhimtal.

6) Lastly, Bhimtal has way lot many Nurseries. You can go and shop your heart out for some amazing indoor plants, seasonal flowers and very cheap prices. Just before heading back to your place, you can purchase them.

These were my reasons to stay at Bhimtal. Has anyone of you been there and stayed? Comment below and let me know.

Do’s and Don’ts for first timers in Vrindavan

If you are going Vrindavan for the first time, chances are that you can get stuck in many places. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help a first timer sail smoothly!

1) If you going by your car to Vrindavan, make sure that you park your car in the hotel/guest house/Ashram etc. Vrindavan is easily accessible by e-rickshaws and autos. The e-rickshaws will take you from one temple to another easily and they charge nominal amount per person. Taking your car to every temple is a headache as you have to first find a parking and then walk as well till the temple.

2) Beware of pickpocketers in the temples specially the crowded ones like Banke Bihari temple. You literally get drifted in the crowd and you may not even realise when your wallet or gold chain is gone!

3) Monkeys at times become a big nuisance for the people visiting Vrindavan. Do not wear sunglasses or spectacles where you see monkeys. These monkeys snatch your sunglasses and you will have to bribe them by giving something to drink or eat. Yes! This is true! We witnessed such incidents where the monkeys took away the spectacles from people around. They literally pleaded the monkey to return it back. The shopkeepers then tell you to buy something and give it to the monkey.

4) Whenever visiting any religious place, make sure that you have enough cash in hand. Debit/Credit cards etc. work less in such places.       Whether you want to try street shopping, eat at dhabas, pay to rickshawalas, pay for Pooja Samagri, everything needs cash. So, keep cash handy.

5) Before visiting any temple, cross check with various sources for the temple timings. There are temples closing from 10:30 am in the morning to 12:30 am in the afternoon and in the same way for evenings as well. At times, people fool you with wrong timings as well and you land you reaching the temple sans Darshan!

6) Never ever come in the influence of people outside temples who say they would help you visit such and such temples and will tell you the history of the temples. Chances are that in the end they will dupe you with making charity for cows, widowed women etc etc. If you wish to pay charity then its fine, otherwise beware!

This is my first hand experience of Vrindanvan. Do let me know in the comments below if you wish to add any!


Lansdowne from a Mountain lover’s view!

“Traveling is like flirting with life it’s like saying, I would stay and love you, but have to go!”

Lansdowne is one quaint, little, unspoilt and charming hill station for the wanderlust traveler who has seen it all. This hill station is less crowded and commercialised as compared to other hill stations thanks to the cantonment area of Garhwal Rifles. The beauty of the hills will leave you mesmerized and make you stop at places during the journey. Pine and Oak trees, valley and Himalyan views, beautiful sunrise and sunsets leave you awestruck.

It is a laid back hill station with good hotels on different altitudes. You can choose your preference of hotels basis the view from hotel and altitude. We chose to stay at two different hotels with varied views and altitude and it was a delight experiencing different scenic views altogether.

You can relax in the hotel and indulge in different activities or go check out the Bhulla Lake. Enjoy boating and clicking pictures is the best you can do here.

It is a must visit hill station who are looking out to have good and quality time with their loved ones away from the maddening crowds of metros!

5 Things to do in Goa other than partying!!

We all love Goa for our own reasons. It is a true heaven for people looking out for peace and party at the same time. Goa has various other things to do other partying and club hopping! So lets explore Goa my way:

1) Visit Old Goa:
Old Goa should be on your list if you wish to know the fascinating history of Goa. It is full of archaeological museums, Churches and Cathedrals like The Jesuit Church, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, The Se Cathedral.

2) Go on a Cruise:
Sunset, Moonlight or Casino beaches on the Mandovi River Yacts are perfect for a lovely delightful evening. Enjoy with sunset with beer and Goan dancing or maybe trying your luck at the Casino Cruise.

3) Wednesday’s Anjuna Flea Market:
This popular market is full of beaded jewelry, handicrafts, paintings, lot of trendy clothes and wrap arounds. Do bargain before you buy any stuff.

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

4) Saturday Arpora Night Market:
This retro styled artisan market has stalls with cultural influences from all across the globe. You can shop here for home made knick knacks, Indian handicrafts and leather goods. Lip smacking food and live music just makes the Saturday light all the more lively and enjoyable.

5) Water sports: 
Goa has numerous beaches and water sports is a must for adventure lovers. You can choose from parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, catamaran sailing, and banana rides etc.

Water sports in Goa

So guys, what you waiting for??