Gujarat – The Land of the Legends!

Gujarat, is the birthplace of many Freedom fighters like the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many others who fought the freedom struggle, infusing the qualities of tolerance, brotherhood, non-violence and patriotism into Indians.

The cultural mix enhanced with over 4500 years of history has endowed Gujarat with some of the greatest historical and archaeological monuments. While Lothal offers an unparalleled insight into the Harappan civilization, Ahmedabad has specimens of Indo-Sarcenic architecture, Palitana has a profusion of temples in the Jain style, Junagadh displays Buddhist caves and Rajput architecture appears all over different parts of Gujarat. A major Tourist destination of immense potential, it’s historical monuments represent the great religions of Asia – Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Islam, Parsi and Sikh.

Because of such diversity, Gujarat is the much watch place in the world. The Great living Legend Mr. Amitabh Bachhan’s statement is perfect about Gujarat – kuch din to gujaro gujarat me, yahan ki mittai me mithas hai..

The social life of Gujarat comprises various languages, customs, festivals, celebrations, costumes, food habits and dwellings of people living in different regions of Gujarat. The cultural edifice has been built in Gujarat due to its geographical, social, religious and occupational diversity. The humble natured, persevering and hard working Guajarati’s residing in its cities, towns and villages have expanded their economy and business ventures not only in Gujarat but all over India and the rest of the world. 

Ensembles, lifestyles and ways of living vary all over Gujarat. The fairs and festivals are full of enthusiasm, entertainment and spirituality. Gujarat is known world over for its Navratri celebration which sees people immersed in the spirit of dance for nine nights. The dance forms depend on the unique styles that have emerged in different cities. people have adopted this traditional dance and its varied forms by the name of ‘Garba’ and ‘Raas’.

Language is the very heart of our soul. Although the principal language of Gujarat is ‘Gujarati’ and other languages spoken are Hindi and English, Gujarat encompasses many languages and dialects throughout to its many regions, castes and traditions. People of North Gujarat speak ‘northern Gujarati’, Central Gujarat speaks ‘Charotari’, Saurashtra speaks ‘Kathiawadi’ , South Gujarat speaks ‘Surti’ and Kutchh speaks ‘Kutchi.’

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