Revisiting Rishikesh after 7 years only to find that Nothing has changed since then!

“Traveling is not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like breathing.”

Often it happens with most of us that a place we have visited recently goes last on our list of places to visit next. We always wish to travel new places, new countries, new islands etc etc. But then, there are places which we loved and crave to get there once more! Rishikesh and Goa in India are places that are close to my heart and I would love to revisit them time and again. So, it took me 7 years to get back to Rishikesh! I always thought of visiting it in between, but then my mind always said, Lets’ explore a new place, but this very time I thought, No, just Rishikesh!

So, it was a long weekend and the monsoons were at its peak. We started off early morning and covered a good stretch by 9 AM. The weather was lovely as the rains started by the time we reached Khatauli. Stopped at Namaste India group for our morning cuppa tea. It got greener as we entered Roorkee. Plus the rains added to the beauty of Roorkee and places thereafter.

As we came close to Haridwar, I got really excited to see the Holy Ganga and its Ghats, Har ki Paudi, Shivji’s grand statue, Dharamshalas, everything that Haridwar is all about. There is so much faith and religious beliefs attached to the place and you feel so mesmerized at once and chant Om Namay Shivay!! We did not halt at Haridwar as the destination was just few kilometers away!

In about an hour we reached our destination, the Yoga and rafting capital as many people say. Much to my suprise, the place did not change a bit!!! Same old parking before Ram jhula, petite shops of malas and clothing, cows all around, the calmess in the air, chanting of mantras, scenic view of Ganga from every nook and corner, evening aarti at the ghats..nothing has changed since then. I was so nostalgic and spell bound to see the places as it is. It seemed life is still here and will always be. People will come and go but this place has seen the test of time and not left its true identity. I was awestruck all through our stay and the memory still lingers when I write this post.

Rishikesh stay the same for we love you!


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