Rhino’s home: Kaziranga, All that you want to know!

“This earth was made for all beings not just Human beings.” Isn’t this so true! The flora and fauna around us also live and thrive much like us. The wildlife in India is very diverse in nature and holds great importance in our ecosystem. There are some very rare and exotic species found only in India that are worth a visit. Some of these are:

  1. Bengal Tigers
  2. Asiatic Lion
  3. Black Buck
  4. One Horned Rhinoceros
  5. Nilgiri Tahr
  6. Snow Leopard
  7. Lion tailed Macaque

So, on a trip to North east of India, I opted for visiting Kaziranga National Park, the land of one horned Rhinos. Kaziranga is a UNESCO world heritage site and is definitely a must visit place for wildlife enthusiasts.


Credits: Financial Express

How to reach Kaziranga?

The only way to reach Kaziranga is by road either by bus or car. It would take approximately 5-7 hours depending on the roads. The roads in this part of India are bumpy with potholes. There is no railway station in Kaziranga so its better to opt for bus or rental cars.

Where to stay?

There are all sorts of resorts depending on the choice, budget and location(Eastern, Central, Western Ranges have different hotel types). There are budget to luxury resorts to homestays catering to all.

When to go?

Months starting November ending April are the best time to visit Kaziranga’s one horned rhinoceros and other animals. During Monsoons, the park is closed for outsiders. No Safari jeeps ply inside during this time. However, you can walk a little to see whatever you can catch hold of. If lucky, you might see the Rhinos and elephants and other birds in a distance.

What to do?

You can enjoy an elephant ride or can book a Jeep safari at ticket counters of different gates. The best is to contact the hotel to arrange such safaris and elephant rides for a hassle free trip.

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