How Staycation has changed the idea of traveling!

You don’t need to travel far to take a break! You don’t need to take that extra mile to relax! Don’t we all think this way once in a while. The city life is hectic and frantic and we all need a break to detox our body and just rejuvenate. But travelling 250kms to 300kms or even more one side just to relax is not a good idea either at times! (exception being if you love to go on a drive!) So, what do we do?

Image credits: Common Sense with Money

We take a “Staycation” or a “Holistay”. According to Matt Wixon, a writer, Staycation means a vacation in which the vacationer stays..near home while creating the environment of a traditional vacation. It means getting out of the rut of your daily life.

This has become quite a rage for the urbanites these days who just want to move out of their homes, go on a vacation to chill and relax. Its actually a blend of “Stay” and  “Vacation” at the same time. The idea is to relax and travel in and around your city or vicinity. For people living in NCR, they can choose properties in Gurugram, Delhi, Faridabad, Manesar, Noida etc.

Benefits of Staycation:

-You don’t have to plan in advance as with places which are far off from the city. No bookings needed other than the property you want to stay and experience.

-Travel time is cut short as you choose to stay just in and around the city.

-Comparatively less packing involved as you know your area and climate well.

-Affordable on the wallet as rail/air etc. bookings need not to be taken care of.

-Recreational and sports activities are generally arranged for all age groups to give that feel of a vacation.

-Do not have to spend extra moolah to pamper yourself!

In short a complete value for money deal for each and everyone!! You can check various websites such as Nearbuy, Nightstay, Makemytrip etc for such deals. So, what are we waiting for? Do let me know if you happen to take such a vacation experience in the comments below.

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