The decisions we take and the vacations that follow!

In today’s time, everybody loves to travel, everybody stalks other’s profile and wishes to visit the same place, everybody wants to utilise that very long weekend, everybody wants the enjoy the luxury, the beach, the mountain! But, do we plan enough before taking a vacation? To some a Big Yes and to some a No. Well, to each their own! For those looking to travel to faraway places, you need to put your heart and mind in it to decide as to which place to go considering the following factors. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Which time of the year would you want to travel?

Well, answering this question can somewhat answer all the questions. You are the one who wants to travel in off season way cheap, or could be one who wants to visit that country during their best season/time or could be one who wants to travel on specific holidays such as Christmas or New Years. So, this would potentialy increase or decrease the budget for flights and accomodation. Decide the time of the year wisely to save big time just on everything.

2. Do you have enough finances?

Some of us save hard to tick off that place from our bucket list. Enough finances in hand help us to give an upper hand when we are in a foreign land. Also, to travel smart, you ought to book everything in advance, for that matter good savings need to be in place.

3. Where do you wish to stay?

A lot of us are very peculiar as to where to stay. Some prefer luxury 5 star hotels, some prefer guest houses and lodges, some would like to explore the Airbnbs. So, choosing the right stay can shoot your travel expense or vice versa.

4. How much money kept aside for expenses in the foreign land?

Many of us do not look into this aspect of travel. We wish to buy souvenirs for our friends and relatives, buy some specialty from your travel, explore the nightlife and stuff. All this needs extra cash which we do not really calculate at the time of planning. Evaluating expenses at the onset will not lead you to regrets later. So guys, travel as much as you can BUT travel smart!



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